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  1. Nude Magazine

    09 Aug 2017
    Acme for Nude Magazine August 2017 Styled by Michelle Chan ( 

  2. Kendall

    20 Mar 2017
    Kendall from MSA at MILK

  3. Leeana

    20 Mar 2017
    Leeana from MSA. Seeing as we only shot for about 15 minutes, I’d say we got some really good stuff.

  4. Chelsea

    20 Mar 2017
    Chelsea Crawford at MILK with a Briese was pretty fun.

  5. Allison NSFW

    20 Mar 2017
    Hard to believe I shot these over a year ago.  Don’t know if I’ve improved or backtracked since then.  My style used to be based on budget, natural light and the occasional speedlight.  But now, with the entire arsenal of a professional studio, I find it really hard to pick…

  6. Big Sur

    09 Dec 2016
    This is what happens when you go to a cool place with a bunch of people who work behind the scenes in the industry.  No one wants a camera pointed at them, but there’s plenty of fun to be had.

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